Bonvenon al la Tarantula Salono!


the 2020 internet just bums me right out. it's so...ubiquitous and commercial and uniform. it's all personal branding and Important Posts. get outta here with that mess! i liked the 1990s internet: amatuerish grafix, wide open possibliities, and benign weirdos waving from a distance. this is that ethos, i think. it is just some simple html and some latenite thoughts from me, the webmaster.


it's not important or necessary to distinguish myself by political or social affiliation. standing under the banner of the LORD is all that matters. i'm resolving not to waste precious time and energy worrying about ephemera.


  • You have to make sacrifices to win.
  • Protect your queen and she'll protect you.
  • Your tribe works best when each member is put in position to do what they do best.
  • Collaboration is more powerful than unilateral action.
  • Weaker individuals can work together to bring down more powerful ones.
  • All the ability in the world doesn't matter if you're in the wrong place.
  • Power is situational and dynamic.
  • Not every person is right for every task.
  • Your tribe works best when you actualize.
  • A situation cannot be fully grasped with only one perspective.
  • Consider the future implications of an action to make better decisions.
  • Understanding rules and boundaries provides creativity and freedom with the system.
  • There is joy in learning.
  • There is joy in playing.
  • Winning and losing can both be fun or frustrating.
  • Appreciate the abilities and limitations of others.
  • Expecting something other than what a person can contribue hurts everyone involved.
  • There are myriad ways of doing things, including winning and losing.
  • Someone else creates the structure and the rules of the game. Your freedom and individuality and power from how you choose to operate within the game.

    FAVOURITE BANDZ [of all time, based on time spent listening]

  • the jimi hendrix experience
  • chevelle
  • yeah yeah yeahs
  • new young pony club
  • bob dylan
  • oasis
  • paramore
  • bush
  • switchfoot
  • audioslave [chris cornell, really]

    ye olde thawtz
    my record collection
    oral history of x-men
    oral history of supermarket sweep
    a history of myst
    the strange story of ok soda
    get better @ chess
    esperanto the universal language
    bookpeople - indie book store in austin (suk it, bezos)
    pirahna records - indie record store in round rock (suk it, bezos)

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